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Miss Flapper’s highest collection, for your special occasions, events, photo shoots. Our luxury collection puts together unites beautiful, precious fabrics with the use of wires and other tools which help Miss Flapper bring you the airy, gravity-defining shapes we are well known and loved for.
All our turbans and headbands are unique one-off pieces and can almost never be duplicated. All products from turbans to headbands can be made to order and with custom fabrics, all are made of or lined with soft cotton or jersey, comfortable to be worn on every type of skin, even those made extra sensitive by aggressive treatments like chemotherapy.

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Velvet and Bronze, The Silver One, Minnie Mouse Style, The Golden One, The Bronze Swirl, Almost Checked, Yellow and Green, Like a Painting, Bronze and Flowers, Blue and Green, Black Waves, Lilac Wine, All the Shades of Blue, Red Velvet