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About Miss Flapper

We create the most amazing handmade, luxurious turbans for women.
Drawing inspiration from Nonna Wanda, Miss Flapper’s very own grandmother, a fierce woman who was never afraid to show her true self to the world and fight to establish her presence, every Miss Flapper piece is unique and aims to enhance the immense beauty and power each woman carries within her.
We believe in body and age positivity, we champion women for the amazing , powerful creatures they are, and we want to crown them all as queens.

we make sure we source only fair trade fabrics, where possible from independent suppliers, we upcycle and recycle vintage dresses, buttons, sequins and silk ties, giving them new life as parts of our turbans.

Above all, we make sure all out pieces are suitable for women undergoing chemotherapy, using only the best natural fabrics. Because, from personal experience, we know what cancer does to women, how it transforms our perception of ourselves and our image in the mirror. And we want to help women who are going through this difficult path, showing them that they are still the same beautiful creature.

The Women Behind Miss Flapper


Sonia is the mind and soul of Miss Flapper. After working in the social sector for over 20 years, in 2011 she started Miss Flapper as a hobby.
Having cared for her mum during a long battle against cancer, Sonia wanted Miss Flapper to be about fashion, elegance and luxury, but also for her enterprise to have a big social side and do something helpful for women who, like her mum, were fighting against the fierce beasts tumours can be.
In 2014 Sonia decided to make Miss Flapper her primary business.

Since then, Miss Flapper has been seen on the heads of amazing women all over the world, from Australia to the USA and Egypt, Italy, of course, and even some women who cover the whole world by themselves.

Sonia lives and work in Milan, where the Miss Flapper HQ (and soon showroom) can be found.


Fran(cesca) is a doer. She loves empowering women, marketing, events, starting businesses, and she ADORES data, excel files, to do lists, and making plans.

Sonia and Francesca met in 2015 after Fran got a Miss Flapper creation as a present.
We can safely say it was love at first sight, as they soon found out they were like 2 sides of the same coin, the artistic and the admin/business like sides, to be more precise.
Francesca fell in love with everything Miss Flapper stands for, as well as her amazing creations, as the serial hat collector she has always been.
And, so, a business relationship was born.

Francesca lives in Liverpool where she runs her own company, helping businesses find the tools they need in order to fly.

She is a crazy cat lady and the mum of Roberto.

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